One of the most overlooked features of a game is arguably its sound and music, overshadowed by more prevalent factors such as gameplay and visual fidelity. It’s a damn shame too, because there’s lots of games out there that sound amazing, but this ultimately plays second fiddle to something like a grass texture or the FOV.


Anyway, being the huge FPS junkie that I am, I thought it would be worth taking a look at some of the better soundtracks for FPS games over the last few decades. For this list, instead of just singling out one track from and entire soundtrack, I’m instead looking at the games music on the whole. I know plenty of games have good tracks here and there, but this list is all about looking at games with great soundtracks in general.

Song list:
Quake 3 – Sonic 4
XIII – Brighton Beach Theme
Redneck Rampage – UFO’s and Big Rigs
Bioshock – Beyond the Sea
Payday 2 – Black Yellow Moebius
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – Blood Dragon Theme
Medal of Honor – Tiger Tank
Return to Castle Wolfenstein – SS Elite Guard
Half-life 2 – Song 2
Deus Ex – Hong Kong Streets Theme
Outlaws – Outlaws Theme
Outlaws – The Last Gunfight
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – The Ecstasy of Gold