let’s give this another shot.
part 1: https://youtu.be/c4vnKir5guQ (you don’t need to see it to watch this tho)
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Titanfall 2 on Steam
Paladins on Steam
Doom Eternal on Steam
google the rest

thx GSE for the legion gang beat (Titan Fall)

Music data:
random drum solos by Szendőfi Péter during cod segment
city trial theme (kirby air ride) during titanfall segment
greensleeves (tavern ambience) during paladins/valorant intro
it doesn’t matter (sonic adventure) during maeve segment
At Fortress’ Gate (Doom/TF2 remix by MrModez) during doom intro
sonic 3 bass & percussion during doom eternal intro
live and learn (sonic adventure 3) during valorant montage

outro is parody of weezer the good life (apparently i still have to explain this)
full version: https://youtu.be/6a_9HQW1VmY

legion rap animated bit was by me dude i used to animate dude remember funketv i do 2 man i miss it