Hope you enjoyed! I’m trying to get better at video making (and video game making), so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.


Thank you so much for watching, your support means mountains to me. 😀

Links to the games:
Main FPS Game – https://glowscript.org/#/user/kenneth.thomson/folder/MyPrograms/program/GlowscriptRoyale
3D Geo Dash – https://glowscript.org/#/user/kenneth.thomson/folder/MyPrograms/program/VPythonDash
3D Snake – https://glowscript.org/#/user/kenneth.thomson/folder/MyPrograms/program/3DSnake

Antti Luode – “Theory of Funk”
Antii Luode – “Funky Monkey”
Antii Luode – “Hardly a Saint”