Here is a list of one of my favourite genres – I have also priced and shown framerate and gyro support as this is a big part of the experience for me! This is part one of a three parter – the other two parts will come after Christmas, one focusing on First Person RPGs and another on Competitive and Cooperative First Person Shooters! Tasty! #Best #FPS #switch


First of THREE Dedicated FPS Genre Videos 0:00
Quaking in my boots! 0:48
Turok 2 1:12
Hail to the king baby! 1:38
Hail to the QUEEN baby! 2:07
Hail to the…you get it 2:27
Seriously!? 2:57
Powerslave 3:32
ALL The Dooms 3:50
Prodeus 4:42
Project Warlock 4:52
Aspire to greater things 5:08
Stranger’s Wrath 5:35
Wolfy 2 5:58
One Person Made this! 6:20
Metro Redux 7:00
Bioshocking 7:25
It can run, yes. Crysis. 8:04
Call Of Juarez Gunslinger 8:53
Small Soldiers 10:02
XIII Remake 10:42
Next FPS Episode Details 11:20
Win that Switch OLED 11:30
More Tea Vicar? 12:21

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