This years Game Awards had quite a few great looking new PC games revealed and showcased. Let’s take a look at 10 of my favorite. Special thanks to Darkness Rises for sponsoring todays video. Learn more here and use code INTOTHEUNDERWORLD!



0:00 Intro – Most Exciting NEW PC Games From TGA 2021
2:47 Nightingale – Victorian Fantasy Open World Survival
5:57 ARC Raiders – Sci-Fi Third Person Coop Action Shooter
9:25 Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 – Third Person Action
11:06 Rumbleverse – 40-person melee Brawler-Royale
13:44 Forspoken – Third Person Action Adventure
15:29 Tchia – Tropical Open World Adventure
17:08 Have A Nice Death – 2D Action Rogue-lite
18:31 Dune Spice Wars – 4x Real Time Strategy
19:51 Sonic Frontiers – Open World Sonic
21:03 Evil West – Dark Fantasy Third Person Action
22:29 Other Noteworthy Games and Information…


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