10 awesome Third-Person Shooter games for the Nintendo GameCube / Top 10 GameCube Third-Person Shooter games (NGC, GCN)

0:00 Metal Arms: Glitch in the System https://youtu.be/JlbQLxX28tA
1:00 Conflict: Desert Storm II https://youtu.be/D9pTitb9rLw
2:00 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing https://youtu.be/4VZ-DKt7jiE
3:00 Defender https://youtu.be/SanNFB947eY
4:00 Reign of Fire https://youtu.be/7PogxeBfalI
5:00 Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rebel Strike https://youtu.be/Uwsb5NsK0zE
6:00 Dead to Rights https://youtu.be/pyOT4K2ZHxY
7:00 Robotech: Battlecry https://youtu.be/KbLmkwEF27M
8:00 Freedom Fighters https://youtu.be/nKmfPukJg7E
9:00 P.N.03 https://youtu.be/Cm2a2zFTzIw

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